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You can send e-mail to if you have not received your quote.

***For Thermofoil or Veneered Center Panel Doors go to that page to see info & order form.....

***Print this out then return back to the form to fill it out. 
***Please double check that your e-mail address is entered correctly.

***There are more directions and links to info within the form.
***Can be used as a guide for our Fax Forms also.

Tape-Ease Custom Cabinet Doors - On-Line Quote Form Instructions:


1. Please use our form for quotes. We find that there is less chance for errors occurring. If using other format, be sure to use our form as a guide so all info we require is provided. Use Black ink on our fax-in form.

2. Use the "Tab" key or click with mouse to move to the next field in the form. Do not use all caps, must be entered with correct caps where needed.

3. Some fields may not be needed for your door information. You may leave them blank. Existing customers can fill in only the parts of the form that we need. Complete and accurate info will ensure prompt, accurate service.

4. See "How to Order our Doors" in the Cabinet Pages Box for more info.

5. All check boxes mean yes if checked, and no if left un-checked.

Starting at the top of the online form; can be used for the fax form also:

6. Pre-Finished or Un-Finished refers to (painted/un-painted) or (stained with clear finish /un-stained with no finish).

7. Fill in the Profiles, leave blank if you want us to pick the most common ones for you. Raised Panel doors will need all three profiles, Flat Panel doors do not need a panel profile and please see the corresponding page for info on profiles for other doors. Watch for extra discounts when profiles with a " * " are used. A link to profiles can be found in the Cabinet Door Pages Box.

8. Enter quantity, press space bar twice, sizes (no inch sign required), and than extra info as shown below. The extra info may not be needed if not required. Example: 2  12-1/4 x 15-1/2 HL.  (HL is for Hinge Left.) *Doors Must be actual sizes
Include in "info" column. Abbreviations
(Only if applies to your doors)
Finger Pull Placement =
TL (Top Left), TC (Top Center), TR (Top Right),
BL (Bottom Left), BC (Bottom Center ),BR (Bottom Right)
LSB (Left Side Bottom), , LSC (Left Side Center), LST (Left Side Top),
(Right Side Bottom), , RSC (Right Side Center), RST (Right Side Top),
Hinge Placement = HL (hinge left), HR (hinge right), HT (hinge top) or HB (hinge bottom).            
Radius Corners (Front View) = RC (Specify 1/4", 1/2" or 1" in the "Notes area".     
Butt Doors
= BL (butt left) or BR (butt right).      
Half Lap = HFL       Appliance Panels = AP (specify style in "notes" area).          
Lazy Susan
= LZM (Mitered) or LZB (Butt).
(These options can be seen at our "Other Door Options Page, Click "back" to return.
You may also add in info there for any special instructions for each door.

9. Another Door Column is provided if you require a different Door Style for the same job. Can also be used for more of the same doors if more space is needed.

10. Our standard Drawer Fronts will be quoted as slab style with horizontal grain unless otherwise indicated. Slab is flat faced solid wood with any edge profile. See more choices for Drawer Fronts at Door Pages or Drawer Front Page.

11. If you want the doors to be drilled for hinges, check the box and indicate if your overlay is different than our standard 1/2". Also let us know if you are using another brand of hinge, we drill for Blum as standard.

12. For a quote on the correct Blum hinges for your job, check the next box. In order for us to get you the correct mounting plates, we need to know if your cabinets have a face frame or are frameless. Most cabinets are Face Frame construction. Face frame cabinets have a 1" to 2" wide visible frame when the doors are removed. The hinges mount to the 3/4" wide edge of this frame. Frameless cabinets will have doors close together, and will have a 3/4" wide frame when doors are removed.

13. Choose a color for your vinyl retainer if you need any Doors For Glass. Choose brown or white.

14. You can choose 5/4" thick in Red Oak, Cherry & Hard Maple Only. The finish thickness is 1". Add 25% to the wood cost.

15. Provide questions or more info in the "Notes" or "Special Instructions" area of the form. If your just needing a few extra drawer boxes, molding etc., you can enter these in here also.

16. Click "Submit" button and your are done! We will have your quote back to you as soon as possible. Within 1 Business Day.

17. Your Credit Card can be sent by fax, e-mailed or called in when you are ready to place your order. Our fax and e-mail servers are secure.

Thank You for your interest in Tape-Ease. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our Very High Quality Doors.

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