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2%203EZ.JPG (4745 bytes)            ag98curve%20(converted%203).gif (18204 bytes)

 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping

For up to 2mm thick strips.
PG Plastic Laminate or Veneer.
AG-52R: $485.00
 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
(Same as pictured above but without the roll holder.)

Double Edge Trimmer and End Trimmer also pictured but not included

Manual Hand-Held Edgebander - AG98F

Adjustable rubber clamps hug the board & provide
accurate tracking of tape on the board
Most accurate edgebander in its price range
For Melamine, and Wood Veneer of
up to 2" wide (50 mm)
A set of rubber clamps hug the board so
you can get the most accurate tracking of
the tape on the board.
Easy to adjust.
Easy application on contour edge banding.
Minimum interior radius: 2"
2 step temp. switch:
Step 1: 300 C or 570 F

Glue Pot Edgebander Kit
110 Volts-Model PEB150

Model PEB250 $2,820.00

 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
(Shipping Cost by Ground: $50.00 - $75.00 as per location)
Note- The PEB150 has been replaced
by the PEB250. 

MFG'R Recommended Glue:
Klieberet Hot Melt Glue Pellets
#743.7, 44lb bag, Cost: $136.12 + shipping

Easy to clean glue pot.
Short heat up time.
Uses any low viscosity low melting
point hot melt glue as per MFG Specs.

Works with PVC, Melamine, Polyester
PVC and wood veneer tapes of up
to 1/8" (3mm) thick & plastic laminates
(Must use a "soft" 3mm PVC or 2mm)

Accurate tracking of the tape for
 precision banding
Work Piece Holder Stand- SFV50
$150.00  CLICK
 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
Ideal for holding large pieces for edge banding
and other applications.

2 strong suction cups hold the work firmly so
you can edge band around it safely, accurately.
It holds the work piece firmly. The suction
cups may not work on rough or uneven surfaces.

Weight: 12 Pounds
Dimensions: 34 x 16 x 23 Inches
A set of clamps (part #6045710) is included to
clamp the stand to the table.
110 Volt, adjustable temperature * Kit includes all trim tools * Also available in 220 volts by Quote *
* for straight and curved boards with electronic automatic feeding system *
Ideal for:
  * Small shop who need a small competitively priced glue pot bander
 * Large shops who have big banders for straight boards and need to edge band
    * Curved panels and custom works 
 * Use it as portable or stationary machine * Use the template to make your table *  Easy and fast set up *
* 110 Volts / 60 HZ * 
Adjustable temp. control * Max. Tape Width: 45mm (1.77") *
* Max. Tape Thickness: 0.4 to 3 mm (1/64" to 1/8") *
* Feeding Speed : 3.6 m/min (10 Ft / min.)
* Diameter of inside curves: 2" * Weight: 7.9 Kg (18 lbs) *
* Make your table. Template included *
- Average Glue Usage rate :
  * One full tank will edgeband 25 meter * tape of 23 mm wide. Average figures
- Minumum inside curve radius: 40 mm

Glue Pot Stationary/Portable Edgebander
110 Volts-Model PEB250-TRC

Model PEB250-TRC
 $3,820.00ea  + shipping
(Shipping Cost by Truck About: $140.00 - $235.00 as per location)

MFG'R Recommended Glue:
Klieberet Hot Melt Glue Pellets
#743.7, 44lb bag, Cost: $136.12 + shipping


- Easy and fast set up of tape height and panel thickness
- Automatic tape feed with control
- Fast heat up time of 10 minutes
Ideal for small shops or Large factories who
need a machine for custom works, such as
curved panels or large counter tops.
Open the fence to the width
of the panel.
Glue pot bander with temperature control
For PVC, Polyester, Melamine, wood veneer
tapes of up to 3 mm and plastic laminate strips.

(Must use a "soft" 3mm PVC or 2mm)

Accurate tracking of the tape for
 precision banding
Remove the unit from the table
and use it as a portable bander.
Perfect for banding very large
panels or countertops

Glue Pot Stationary Production Edgebander
220 Volts-Model EB-40

Model EB-40
 $12,200.00ea  + shipping
(Shipping Cost by Truck About: $220.00 - $435.00 as per location)

Simultaneous adjustment for 
the tape thickness, the guide 
and the gluing roller by a  
single digital meter.  

Teflon Coated glue tank with
non-stick surface and cover.
and easy to adjust the amount
of glue flow
Easy & direct adjustment
of the trimming bits and copying
devices by digital meters.
For tapes of  up to 3 mm (1/8")
and plastic laminate strips
Auto Flush trimming of top,
bottom, and both ends
External dust collector connection.
Can be connected to the existing ship
dust collector. Or can be connected
to Virutex AS382 dust collector that is
syncronized with the machine and activates
only when the trimmers are at work.
For tapes up to 3 mm ( up to 1/8" )
Easy to adjust, high quality finishing
Motorized gluing roller. Perfect banding of the panel.
  Patent pending.
Direct adjustment of the trimming bits and copying
   devices by digital meters. Easy to adjust.
Simultaneous adjustment for the tape thickness,
   the guide and the gluing roller by a single digital meter.
Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.
Trimming unit at 10,000 R/min. Equipped with adjustable copying devices.
Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.
Equipped with four rubber rollers on the table to ensure a good 
 pressure against the gluing rollers.

Table with antifriction material.
Panel thickness adjustment by digital meter.

Automatic temperature control by the machine during all the working process.
  After 30 minutes of idle time, the machine gets to stand-by position at 110C
   to avoid the glue can burn.
Panel feeder with wide multi-layed belt.
Front telescopic table extension with rollers.
Roll holder for rolls up to 590 mm or 24" diameter.
Tape thickness:  0.4-3 mm or ( 1/64 to 1/8 " )
Tape height (tapes from 0.4 to 2 mm):  45 mm( 1.8 " )
Tape height (tapes of 3 mm):  25 mm( 1.0 " )
Min/max panel thickness:  13 to 45 mm( 1/2" to 1.8")
Min. panel length:  140 mm( 5.6")
Min. panel thickness:  13 mm( 1/2 ")
Work speed:  5 meter/min( 15 ft / minute)
Trimmer speed:  10.000 /min
trimming bits:  60 mm 4Z  ( 2.4")
Roller holder capacity:  590 mm  ( 25" )
Tank capacity:  1 Kg. ( 2.2 Pounds )
Work temperature:  175-210 C  ( 347 - 410 F)
Feeder motor power:  0,18 KW  ( .24 HP )
Trimmer motor power:  0,37 KW  ( .49 HP)
Gluing motor power:  0,09 KW  ( .12 HP)
Weight:  260 Kg  ( 570 Pounds)

Pneumatic working pressure: 6 Bars
Air Consumtion at 6 bars : 5 Liters / Minute ( approximate )
Electical Requirements:
220 Volts, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amps, 1.97/2.07 KW ( 2.77 HP)



EB-10CF Bench Top Edgebander with Power Feed

Click to Enlarge

Hot Air Production
Bench Mount Edgebander with Power Feed.
Model EB-10CF $4,390.00
Plus Shipping - $220.00 ($280.00
TX & west of Rockies)
Bench mount Self-Feed production machine
with straight or contour boards
for small shops.
*The Top & Bottom motorized auto flush trim station
   industrial heater are the same as EB-25
*Can do contours if the trimming station is removed.
* Max. thickness of tape: 1.00 mm.
* Max. board thickness; 2.56"(65 mm).
* Min. board thickness: 7/16" . 0.43", (11 mm)
* No need for compressed air.
* Electronic temperature control.
* Heats up to 900 F ( 500C) in less than one minute.
* Auto end cut with 1/4" extra end over hang
   to be flush trimmed with RC21E.
* Foot pedal end cut for contour panels.
* Min. degree of radius: 60. Min. interior radius:1.25"(30mm).
* Max.: unlimited.
* Remove trim station to band curved panels.
* Extended front fence will hold large work and make it easy to move panel through the machine.
* 220 V, 15 AMP, single phase. Weight: 77 Pounds, 35 Kg.
* Dimensions: 23.6x37.4x17.0 inches ( 600x950x430mm)

PR25P-DV Automatic Production Pre-Gluer
Cost: $3,790.00
 + Shipping by Freight Truck.

For pre-gluing edge banding tapes, wood and plastic laminate
strips for use with hot air edge banders. Low maintenance, hot melt pre-gluer for plastic or wood tapes and laminate strips for use with hot air edge banders. It includes themoelectric temperature control, automatic start and stop of the feed motor. It automatically controls the quantity of the glue applied to the back of the tape and creates a constant density of the glue applied on the tape.

Minimum tape thickness: 1/64" (0.4 mm)
Maximum strip thickness: 5/8" (16 mm)
Maximum roll thickness for tape: 5/64" (2mm)
Maximum tape width: 4-3/32" (104 mm)
Feeding Speed: 33 feet per minute
Glue tank capacity: 4.4 Lbs
Weight: 58 Pounds
Dimension: 9" x 16" x 22"
Input power: 1720 W + 120 W
Application rate: 160 to 200 grams of glue per square meter

The PR25P-DV has a built in motorized winder with an adjustable pulling system which allows the pulling force to be adjusted according to the thickness of the edge tape. It also has a drying unit so that the pre-glued edge can be re-coiled totally dried.
Optional ( 2545628 ) automatic winder kit converts the basic model PR25P into the automatic PR25P-DV.



Optional (2545633) triple winder can triple production capacity of the machine by pregluing 3 rolls of with the same thickness.
This option includes: 4 rell loading discs, 4 reel centering discs, assembly and instruction manuals.
Optional (2545631) tdouble winder can double production capacity of the machine by pregluing 2 rolls of with the same thickness. This option includes: 4 reel loading discs, 4 reel centering discs, assembly and instruction manuals.

Optional (2545632) support for large rolls.
Ideal for 2 and 3 mm thick edge rolls.

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