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#AD-M13 Detel Vertical Boring Machine

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#M13 Vertical Boring Machine
Model #M13 $2,316.00
+ Shipping by Freight Truck
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Vertical Boring Machine

This machine is designed for manual vertical drilling (from top to bottom). The standard version has a drill chuck with 13 spindles and 32 mm axial distance.
The machine is equipped with 2 manual index pins.
2 spring hold downs and 60 degree adjustable back fence with 4 stops. The equipment can be adjusted to meet customer’s specification (different number of drilling spindles and axial distance, rotational drill chuck etc.)

Distance between the spindles


Number of drilling spindles


Max. drilling stroke


Max. throat depth


Supply voltage (single phase)

220V, 60Hz

Motor power

1.1 kW

Number of spindle rotations

3300 RPM

Net weight

240 pounds

PR25P-DV Automatic Production Pre-Gluer
Cost: $3550.00
 + Shipping by Freight Truck.

For pre-gluing edge banding tapes, wood and plastic laminate
strips for use with hot air edge banders. Low maintenance, hot melt pre-gluer for plastic or wood tapes and laminate strips for use with hot air edge banders. It includes themoelectric temperature control, automatic start and stop of the feed motor. It automatically controls the quantity of the glue applied to the back of the tape and creates a constant density of the glue applied on the tape.

Minimum tape thickness: 1/64" (0.4 mm)
Maximum strip thickness: 5/8" (16 mm)
Maximum roll thickness for tape: 5/64" (2mm)
Maximum tape width: 4-3/32" (104 mm)
Feeding Speed: 33 feet per minute
Glue tank capacity: 4.4 Lbs
Weight: 58 Pounds
Dimension: 9" x 16" x 22"
Input power: 1720 W + 120 W
Application rate: 160 to 200 grams of glue per square meter

The PR25P-DV has a built in motorized winder with an adjustable pulling system which allows the pulling force to be adjusted according to the thickness of the edge tape. It also has a drying unit so that the pre-glued edge can be re-coiled totally dried.
Optional ( 2545628 ) automatic winder kit converts the basic model PR25P into the automatic PR25P-DV.



Optional (2545633) triple winder can triple production capacity of the machine by pregluing 3 rolls of with the same thickness.
This option includes: 4 rell loading discs, 4 reel centering discs, assembly and instruction manuals.
Optional (2545631) tdouble winder can double production capacity of the machine by pregluing 2 rolls of with the same thickness. This option includes: 4 reel loading discs, 4 reel centering discs, assembly and instruction manuals.

Optional (2545632) support for large rolls.
Ideal for 2 and 3 mm thick edge rolls.

Door Hinge Router
(No template required)


Model FR129M  Cost: Call for Price

FR29M enables you to make recesses for rectangular hinges without using templates. The corner of recesses will have radius of 1/4" for 1/2" bit, and 5/8" for 1-1/4" bit. For hinges with square corner, optional accessory of 90º corner chisel item #RC29 can be used

110 V, 60Hz, 550 W, 30,000 RPM
Weighted Equivalent Acoustic Pressure Level: 84.5 dB A
Usual Level of Vibration (hand-Arm) < 2.5 m/S2
Chuck Diameter: 1/4"
Weight: 8.5 Lbs



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Corner Square Tool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Item No. RC29 : $90.00

Blades :  $50.00


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