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All Virutex Power Tools are Very Solid Machines. We Have had Many Pleased Customers give us Compliments on these Quality Power Tools and our Low Prices.


  • Powered Curved Abrasive Planer

  • Model: CE123N- $490.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping   CLICK
    Extra 40,50,60 & 80 Grit Replacement Sanding Drums Available at $13.00 ea
    Professional planer with professional sanding results. Even on delicate materials the may be damaged or splintered with a regular planer.
    This planer can also be used on resins with fiberglass, carbon fiber or kevlar. It also works great for stripping paint or other materials.

    Includes a 40 grit drum.
    width: 3", sanding depth: up to 1/25"
    Concave minimum radius: 18" (450 mm)
    Convex minimum radius: 16" (400 mm)
    700 Watts, 16,500 RPM, 7 Lbs.
    Ideal for ship yards, home builders / framers, furniture makers


    Edge Lipping Planer
    Model: CE53S: $620.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping wpe28.jpg (2520 bytes)    SEE THIS TOOL IN ACTION
    Formally Model AP98
    Blades: $35.00
    For precision flush planning of edges up to 2.25" (55mm)
    Solid Surface, Hardwood, Softwood, Laminates & PVC Edges
    Includes a set of Carbide reversible self indexing blades that requires no adjustments.
    Continuous cutting depth adjustment with no minimum increment allows you to do precision flush trimming.
    Non-scratch Teflon coated base slides on the work surface.
    The blades is positioned by a guide from the edge,
    and cuts only up to the width of the tape.
    Height adjustment is made by moving the base up or down,
    with no minimum increment, therefore creating a complete flush finish. Easy to use.
    1/8"(3 mm) removal rate. Strong and sturdy, 17 Pounds (7.7 Kg)
    1.4 HP, 1050 W, 11,100 RPM, 110 V.
    Perfect tool for small shop who apply thick edges and do not have large edgebanders.


    Powered Compass
    Curve Planer
    Model: CE96H- $490.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping wpe2B.jpg (2921 bytes)   SEE THIS TOOL IN ACTION
    Professional planer with adjustable sole for convex and concave planning. Includes a
    set of reversible, self indexing Carbide blades. Cutting width : 3" (80 mm),
    cutting depth: up to 1/8" (0-3 mm) Concave minimum radius: 18" (450 mm)
    Convex minimum radius: 16" (400 mm) 7 Pound (3.2 Kg), 700 W., 110 V.,
    light weight and yet high speed of 16,500 rpm no load, double insulation.
    Standard items; reversible carbide blades, lateral fence, dust collection outlet.
    Ideal for ship yards, home builders / framers, furniture makers


    Chamfering Planer
    Model: CE89E - $395.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
    Extra Blades: #CE89E-B    Cost:
    + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
    Sturdy planer for chamfering work -
    Cut width: 1 Inch
    Cut Depth: 0 - 1/8" - 700 W, 16,500 RPM
    Universal dust collection port
    Options - Base Stand

    Large Planer For Heavy Duty Work
    Model: CE24E- $450.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
    Blades: $75.00 + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
    Optional Micrometric Fence: $135.00  wpe2E.jpg (2381 bytes)    SEE THIS TOOL IN ACTION
    Large, sturdy planer for heavy duty work:
    - 3/14" wide cut ( 80 mm)
    - 18" long, one piece cast Aluminum Housing
    makes it strong, and yet easy to work with
    - Cutting Depth: 0-1/8" (0-3 mm)
    - Rabbeting Depth: 22 mm
    - Reversible, Self Adjusting Hard Metal blades
    - 13,100 RPM, 1,200 W, 11.5 AMP, 13 Lbs ( 6 Kg)
    - Long Lasting Virutex made motor
    - Universal Dust collector Port
    - Micrometric Fence provides different Grades of Chamfering
    - Heavy Duty Base with Blade protector

    Hand Held Shaper  Model: FR98H
     + $10.00 Packing + Shipping
    Designed for shaping the edges of longitudinal beams and crossbeams and modeling coffered ceilings. Factory-fitted with straight blades for bevel-edging, it also permits rounding or moulding of shapes by using the moulding blades included with the equipment or the optional blades set. The width of the straight or moulded profile obtained can be set between 0 and 40 mm.( 0 to 1.6" )The guide on which the piece to be shaped rests can be moved with respect to the cutter, which means that different profiles can be made on an edge, according to the zone of the blade on which work is being done. There are two handles, one parallel to the main grip and at the same level, permitting comfortable work on longitudinal beams and vertical parts, and a top knob with two optional positions for work on horizontal surfaces, thus in both cases allowing a perfectly comfortable and secure two-handed grip on the machine. The machine is equipped with a smooth electronic starting system and safety connection cutt-off switch to avoid undesired start-up. It is also equipped with a dust collection nozzle.

    Optional accessories: 9800050 Base with guide extension. For using the machine in inverted position for shaping of moldings, crossbeams, etc. with greater ease in the workshop.  9800150 Radius copier Allows straight chamfered edges to be made on pieces with exterior circular curves. Edge rounding or cutting on radius (R=5, 10 or 15) is also possible using radius cutters 98410056446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m  ( 9 Ft )

    Double insulation    
    Input power:  1.100 W
    Planning width:  40 mm ( 1.6" )
    Max. blades pitch diameter:  49 mm ( 2 " )
    No-load speed:  23.000 /min


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