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See pages above for more info.

We make it easy for you, just fill out one of our forms above and submit for a quote.  You may also open our fax form into your "Word" program, fill out and send as an e-mail attachment. The quote & print-out information you receive back from us is exactly how your items will be made as illustrated on our web-site.

Please DO NOT send photos by fax. The "Cabinet Door Pages Box" above has all of our pages in it for easy navigation through our web-site

How To Calculate Cost For Most Of Our Doors:
*Note: Send us your info for extra discounts and quick quotes. Use one of our forms at top of page.
*Round all calculations to the next highest hundredth.
*Measurements are rounded to the next highest inch.

More recently our pricing structure has changed as follows:
Our price breaks are a percentage off the list price shown on your quote as follows.
List price from $950.00 to $1799.00 = 10% off list
$1800.00 to $4999.00 = 15% off list
$5000.00 + = 17% off list
***Orders under $950.00 are calculated by percentages based on the total cost and quantities.

We still are including the info below to give you a "ball park" idea on the cost.
1. Measure your door, Length x Height in inches.
2. Divide by 144, = Square Footage.
3. Multiply the Square Footage by the sq. ft.  Cost for the type of wood you need.
    (The sq. ft. Cost is located near the bottom of each door page.)
4. All prices are for 12 or more doors. 4 or less add 35%, 11 or less add 20%.
5. Also add in extras such as:

Finishing with Clear-coat:                           $6.54 / sq. ft. (See Colors For Finished Doors)
Finishing with Paint:                                     Check Sq Ft cost per type of paint
5/4 Thick                                                                 add 25% to wood cost
5/4" = (1" Finish Thickness, E-104 edge only)-(Red Oak, Maple & Cherry Only)
Premium Grade Lumber                                      add 20% to un-finished cost

All other products have price tables and instructions located in each page.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Step by step:

1. Doors & drawer fronts must be ordered as actual sizes, not opening sizes. 
Sizes must be no smaller than 1/16" increments.

2. Standard overlay is 1/4", this means that the door will be a total of 1/2" larger than the opening when using standard exposed hinges. For concealed hinges our standard overlay is 1/2" for the width and height (1" larger than the opening). Height is your preference. For pairs of doors, measure opening and add 7/8". Then divide by 2. This will give you the width for each door and your 1/2" overlay and allow for a little extra hinge adjustment.

3. Outside edge profiles E-103 & E-107 are 3/8" lip style. Please specify if the pairs of doors are to be edged on three sides only by indicating "BR" or "BL" next to the door size. If the doors are arched, please indicate if the doors are "butt left" or "butt right".

4. Doors 48" or more in height will automatically have a center rail added unless otherwise specified on the order form. Doors over 48" will not be guaranteed against warping.
Exception: Mitered doors over 48" high will not automatically have center rails  An additional unit cost will be added for doors over 60" high with or without center rails.
An additional unit cost per foot will be added to doors over 60" High.

5. All doors over 23" in width will not automatically have a center stile added and will have one full unit cost added. These doors will not be guaranteed against warping.

6. Our cabinet doors require only $3.00/box packaging charges and are set in formed styro-foam packing then placed in a corrugated cardboard container. Our primary carrier is UPS and we ship all items at their rates. If an e-mail address is provided, you will receive a notification from UPS when your order ships with tracking info. Large orders must go common carrier.

7. All listed prices are for 12 or more doors. 4 or less add 35%, 11 or less add 20%.
Quantity discounts apply for doors of any size, specie or style per order.

8. Door orders will be shipped in 10 to 12 business days for unfinished doors. 
Pre-finished doors will take 5 extra days.

9. All the door styles and profiles shown are all we have to offer. We cannot match other door manufacturers styles. We can do some other wood specie by quotation only. We cannot do any other types of wood or styles other than what is shown at our site.  

10. We offer sample doors for Company Displays or customers looking to order. The doors are 11-1/2" x 18-3/4" and can be ordered at a 30% discount. We do not recommend ordering one door from your project for a sample because the rest of the doors may not match it when completed. 100% of our customers are satisfied! Stain color sample chains can be ordered at a $20.00 cost per chain, and a $12.00 cost for each additional chain. Colors are also shown on our web page.

Standard Grade: Each panel will be selected for color and grain-matched per door. Some of the natural characteristics of the wood will be considered acceptable on the face of the door. each may have slight mineral streaks blended into the wood and a few very small pin knots. The backsides will not be selected for color nor grain-matched. Cherry may occasionally have gum spots on the face and heartwood may be present on profiled edges or on the backside of the door. Our hickory is a natural Hickory and will not be selected for color. Soft Maple is not selected for color.
Premium Grade: Each piece will be hand-selected to ensure superior color and grain match. Very few of the natural wood characteristics allowed in the standard grade will be present in the premium grade. Premium grade is recommended when using a natural or very light stain. The backsides will not be selected for color nor grain-matched. We will add 20% to the cost of the un-finished sq ft price for premium grade wood selection.
Paint Grade: This will be a random selection of soft Maple, and White Birch. Paint grade wood is not selected `for color nor grain-matched. An MDF panel may be specified in place of a solid wood panel, at no additional cost. All paint grade wood will be priced the same as Soft Maple.
If we are Painting the doors, we will quote with MDF center panels only. If you want solid wood center panels, we will not guarantee against cracking in corners.
Rustic Grade: Will have many variations such as mineral streaks, sapwood, heartwood and some knots. Knots will be structurally sound, but could have slight voids or cracks around them. Call for pricing and availability.
Note: Due to the properties of solid wood verses veneered material, it should be noted that the 1/4" veneer core panel material used in our flat panel doors will generally stain slightly darker than solid wood. If you need a perfectly stain-matched flat panel door, we recommend you use a solid wood reversed panel (P-204).   

More info:
Remember, if you use standard, exposed self-closing hinges, your total door size is 1/2"
larger than the opening (1/4" overlay). 

For concealed type hinges our standard width is 1"
larger (1/2" overlay). The height is 1/2" larger (1/4" overlay).
Width and height may be changed to your preference. But must be specified.
We can have your doors pre-drilled for concealed hinges.
We also supply Blum brand Concealed Hinges.

For new dovetail drawer boxes, the width is 1" smaller than the opening
and the height is 3/4" smaller for standard drawer guides. Depth will be the same
as your old drawers or about 4" less than the cabinet depth. 
This will allow you to use easy glide self-closing drawer guides.
Measure your cabinet depth and choose the size for the drawer guides 
exact, or to the next smaller size. These can mount to the side of the cabinet
and shims may have to be custom made to fit flush with the edge of the face-frame

Once your order is placed with your approval, it is non-cancelable.

Dave Daus from Tape-Ease has done kitchen cabinet refacing for over 20 years and can answer your questions by e-mail.
Please review all the information on this page.

Other door styles may require different calculations. 
See instructions at that page.

Top Coated with a Superior Quality Catalyzed Varnish with UV Inhibitor.
6 Standard Stain Colors & 2 Standard Paint Colors
Colors For Finished Doors
Samples available at $20.00/set inc. Shipping

Tape-Ease only accepts credit card information by phone, fax or mail.
We do not keep your Card info on our computer systems at all.
You can be assured that your information is safe with us. 

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