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Here are our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS from so many satisfied customers over the years.
Your satisfaction is always #1 here.

Hi, Dave,

 As promised, I’m sending you photos of the cabinet I just finished building.

 The upper half is made with slatwall and, if you can’t tell from the photos, the two front panels slide from left to right.  They’re staggered in the last picture.

 The door worked out fantastic.  I was a little nervous about fit because I’ve not done anything like this before and had to build a lot of the frame before I could confirm it would all work out.

 Nevertheless, it did.  I expect to get lots of complements on the door.

 Thanks for all your help and patience in making this happen.


                    Click to enlarge.                 Ref: Heavy Duty Tambour Doors

Dear Dave,

 I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the black walnut rope molding. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I can’t believe we got it so quick! 3 days from placing the order is unbelievable. We are using it at the top of our tongue and groove pine planks on our walls where it meets the ceiling.  We couldn’t be any happier with the results. Your company is top notch and I would HIGHLY recommend you!!! Thanks, John and Carrie Hanser

Forums like Board Reader  are streaming with compliments about dealing with Tape-Ease!!!
(12/4/14, Board Reader has since taken their site down.)

Reply 6: Any recommendations for a veneer vendor... 
replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago
I've used Tape-Ease for years with no regrets. I used another one and when the name pops into my feeble memory, I'll edit this post. I HATE to run counter to Darth, but I've always used contact cement with zero problems. Good ventilation is a must, however. I used the Joe stuff - I think it's called Heat-Lock and it worked, but had to buy a half gallon minimum and the remainder went bad after ...

Reply 7: Any recommendations for a veneer vendor... 
replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago
CADman, I've had good luck using Tape-Ease. The iron on method is fairly easy and Pete Mazz has an excellent sticky on it.

Reply 8: Any recommendations for a veneer vendor... 
replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago I used Tape-Ease also for my latest build. I'm happy with the experience.

Their stuff looks pretty good. I think you may be a little confused on the pricing. A 4x8 sheet of Red Oak is $1.39 per Sq foot. That comes up to about $44.
Tape Ease, is a little cheaper. The charged me $37 for an 8x4 sheet. This has the grain going the short way across the sheet. It worked out better for wrapping cabinets so I only have one seam. In any case, I think standard 4x8 is the same price.
John teak veneer because it has a unique tendency to go through times of very high-demand. there are pictures of each teak veneer Peel stick wood veneer sheets - tape-ease: wood veneer, Peel and stick wood veneer sheets call: 1 888 443 3461 2nd line: 1 920 863 3571.

It fits perfectly!! We are delighted and pleased with this purchase (see attached).  Thank you for accommodating us.

Avron B. Magram
Princeton, NJ 08540

Ref: Light Duty Tambour Door Systems

Click to enlarge.

Peel stick wood veneer sheets - tape-ease: wood veneer ..., Peel stick wood veneer sheets . call: 1 888 443 3461 2nd line: 1 920 863 3571
fax: 1 920 863 3570.... Curvwood wood veneer - paper backed peel stick product ..

Chicago Duplex-Down Rehab

I ordered our hallway hutch face frames from Tape-Ease in Wisconsin and the cabinet boxes from another source.  I could have just glued and clamped the face frames on, but I didn't think that wouldn't be sturdy enough.  I didn't want to put any nail holes in the front of the frame either.  At least a year ago, I came across an inexpensive solution for drilling pocket holes call the 'Kreg Jig'. It allows you to drill pocket holes in the adjacent piece.

Ref: Cabinet Face Frames

Thanks very much! The doors and drawers I bought from you in 2006 when I remodeled my kitchen still look brand new -- fantastic quality (so much better than anything you see at ***************** (Home Centers) and a finish tougher than steel. So I'm looking forward to dressing up the side of my stove.
Best regards,
Linda Day


I wanted to follow up as I realize just now that I never did. The cabinet doors all came in and are beautiful. The doors are made precisely as I ordered them, and the finish is high quality. Thanks again for your work, the kitchen looks great now!
Sincerely,   David Stone         Ref: Custom Cabinet Doors


First let me say that I am very pleased with the doors and drawer fronts that I recently received.  They look great and the dimensions were exact.  I will surely order from Tape Ease again, and recommend to others.


On 1/3/2012 10:41 AM, Richard wrote:
Dave,      Thank you for the prompt reply to my inquiry.  I appreciate the pleasant response.  You would not remember, but over the years you folks have made many doors for me.  It started about nine years ago when I redid our kitchen; Tape-Ease supplied the veneers, doors, and drawer fronts.  Since then I have replaced doors on cabinets in my home and office and replaced many feet of molding in my house.  These doors are for a vanity in my office.  All of my dealings with Tape-Ease have been very pleasant and your materials have all been excellent.  My neighbor is a meticulous wood-worker....he can do finish carpentry in boats....and even he has remarked about the quality workmanship in my kitchen cabinet doors as well as the quality of various moldings from Tape-Ease.
     At any rate, thanks again.  I'll be watching for the hinges.    Richard

Dear Dave,

 I have attached a picture of our finished kitchen.  
The doors are beautiful, the quality is excellent.
Thanks for your help.

Michelle Grippo

Click to enlarge.


Feedback on the cabinet doors that you shipped: they are absolutely gorgeous and are exactly what I expected from you.  I am a weekend woodworker and have the skills but not the time to make cabinet doors.  This is exactly how I would have made and finished them!  I was trying to match a Kraft Maid cabinet that I bought 7 years ago (clear maple shaker design).  It looks just like it came from Kraft Maid.  But now, Kraft Maid cabinet doors use glue and staples to hold the rail and styles together (now your doors are better than Kraft Maid).  I like it that you didn't cut any corners.

Phil Lee

Hi Dave,

I've been meaning to shoot you an email on the doors. They look great! I checked all of the sizes against the order and everything checks out. The packing was outstanding. Ordering was the easy part...if the doors could just finish and install themselves I would be all set. The doors are going to be inset so there will be plenty of tweaking to get everything installed.
Thanks and happy holidays,
Brian Murray


Dave Daus / Tape-Ease:
I attached a few photos of a bath vanity cabinet I made from Tape-Ease parts.  It is beautiful, and was about 30% the cost of having it made by a local cabinet maker (I got three quotes).  The inlaid rope detail on the doors, doors, and mirrors give the bathroom a quality feel and the mirrors matching the cabinet doors is a nice touch. The four-drawer vanity is also a step up from the ordinary (most are three), but was worth the extra effort.
The quality of the Tape-Ease components is such that I now cringe at the pre-made vanities you buy at box stores like at Home Centers.  Those pre-made cabinets used to rate as acceptable in my opinion, but having upgraded to Tape-Ease components, Home Center products now just irritate me with their flimsy feel, loose drawers, and comparatively low quality.
Richard Campbell
Redmond, WA


Click to enlarge

  Last year I ordered cabinet doors from you guys.  You guys did an awesome job, but I forgot to e-mail you some pictures.  Attached are some pictures of your cabinet doors which I stained and installed behind my bar.  Hope you like the pic's.
Thanks,   Greg Upperman   

Hi Dave,
I have attached an order form for just a single sheet of veneer.  I also wanted to send you photos of the last project you helped me with - the kitchen turned out great!  I did move since the last couple of orders, so please note the new shipping address on the form.
Dan Del Vecchio

 Click to enlarge        


I have never sent in a testimonial before today. I am not a contractor by any means, and it did take many evenings and weekends to complete, but boy are we happy. Don’t bother searching the internet to find help with your resurfacing project, I did 3 months of searching, ordered samples and decided on Tape-Ease. Why:

1.      customer service: my wife and I changed our minds a couple times and Dave was always a pro. When I needed an extra sheet of finished cherry veneer half way through the project. Dave sent it out in a few days, it matched perfect. They split up the order to allow for UPS shipment, my second choice for purchase would only send freight Dave saved me $250 on just shipping.

2.      Hand rubbed finish: All the products I found on the internet and Lowes are sprayed on. They won’t send you the stain. Dave sold me a qt of the stain, definitely helped with a couple small goof ups and allowed me to stain matching rope
molding I bought locally.

Bottom line:
I spent 10K on cabinets, countertops, floor tile (professionally installed), backsplash and appliances. Our realtor friend said it’s a 40K job and would sell in a heart beat. Had some friends over and she said to him, this isn’t fair!

3.      Tapeease internet site isn’t the easiest to navigate, but it’s worth it, call them and they’ll help you through it.

 Paul,   Albuquerque, NM

     Before:                                                                 After:     

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your help on the phone today.  I really appreciate it.

Please take a look at the attached before and after photos.  Virtually
all of the exposed materials used in this project are from you guys.  I
stained some of the moldings but the combination of the pre-finished
items with the prefinished doors turned out very nice.  My customer is
very pleased.  I will be sending more business your way.  Thanks for
great products and service.  It's very hard to find these days.

Lou Kirby
Custom Interiors by
L&B Enterprises

Click to enlarge.



Just a quick note to say thank you for the high quality work.  The doors
and face frames that you fabricated were PERFECT and set off my entire
basement project.  The door painted wonderfully and I couldn't be happier
with the quality of both materials and workmanship.

Sometimes ordering over the internet, I become concerned that I won't get
what I paid for.  I am delighted to tell you that with Tapeease I got much
more than I paid for.  You can count on me to recommend your company every
chance I get and I look forward to working with you in the future

Thanks again

Charles B Bellmyer

To Dave and Jeff,
Just a short note to let you know how THRILLED my wife and I are with the new doors and drawer fronts you made for us. We have a new kitchen for a fraction of what I ever thought it would have cost. The quality was excellent and the service and advise was there when ever I needed it.
Thanks,  David Teri



Hi Dave & Jeff,
You can see pictures of the entire project at
The quality of the doors and veneer you provided is truly exceptional. I started this project with a kitchen island and a drawer unit from a home centers' major brands, pre-made in natural hickory, and there is no comparison -- the hickory in the doors and drawers and veneer you sent me was so much better matched, no glaring knots or wild grain changes (like the other units), just a beautiful harmony of lovely warm color. Fabrication quality is outstanding also, and you all matched my measurements exactly.

All for now,
Linda Day


Click to enlarge.


I ordered my red oak veneer on Monday and received your product on Tuesday. Unbelievable! The quality is exceptional and your service and helpfulness in placing the order is to be commended.

 Can’t wait to start refacing my cabinets. Thank you again.

Deb Kasper / Milwaukee WI

Dave,  I want to thank you for the great job you guys did matching the sample I sent and delivering such great doors, drawers and end panels.  I have checked other web sites and your price and quality is unmatched.
I am totally satisfied with my new kitchen.  I am including the before and after pictures. 
Thanks again 
Al Rosati
Tucson, Az

Before                    After

Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge
Before 1

Before 2

After 1

After 2

After 3

Great job on the cabinet doors!  The bordeaux stain on
cherry came out great and my wife and I really love
the new look it brings to our kitchen.  Quality
craftsmanship!  All measurements were spot on, and
custom hinge drilling was done perfectly.  And with 32
doors and 13 drawer fronts I could understand if an
error were made, but not so. 

Everything was done within the time estimates and cost
was very reasonable.  I even had a professional floor
installer ask me if I spent between 30-40k for my
kitchen.  I said, "Try $3500 with freight" and it blew
him away.  But we've made many people jealous with our
kitchen and only wish the rest of the house looked so




Just a quick note letting you know how pleased I am with your sales Rep's and services.  I placed my order on A Tuesday and received it here in Pa. on Friday.  Your sales people are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to.  The veneered cylinder I received was of the highest quality and worked out very well on the project I'm building.  Sorry no photos are available but maybe in the future.
  All my future business will be with your company.  Thanks again for everything.
                                         John W

I am finally sending my before and after pictures of my kitchen, along with a testimonial.
I can't rave enough about new cabinets and new kitchen!  After getting a few estimates on new cabinets and refacing, I couldn't believe the cost.  Being he frugal person that I am, I did an internet search and found Tape-Ease.
I was reluctant at first to put my trust in a company that I couldn't visit, so I asked for a sample of what I wanted.  The sample arrived and the rest is history.
The doors, drawers and veneer arrived as promised.  In just 2 weekends working part time, my kitchen had a complete facelift!  The doors are amazing quality, great workmanship, and my coworkers are so jealous!
I am SO thrilled with the final product.  I'm recommending you to everyone!  If I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing!
Thank you so much!
Kathleen Owens
Fredericksburg, VA


*Click to enlarge*


Dear Folks:
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the quality of the doors you made for me and the quick lead time and live customer service I received. 
As a semi-retired general construction superintendent I find your product and service to be outstanding even for the small order I had.  I will use your company in the future and highly recommend it to other people.
James McGinnes

Just a little feedback.
Over the past several months, I've purchased several thousand dollars in material from Tape-Ease (over a thousand feet of 1X walnut, various molding, etc).  The quality of the material is excellent.  The shipment was perfect and your responsiveness to me has been outstanding.
The project that I have been using it for is a remodel of a lower level rec room and home theater.  Attached are a couple of pictures of the nearly completed home theater and the rec room is in progress.  I'm doing walnut wanscotting (stained in red mahogony), redoing the bar area, etc.  So far it is beautiful.
I want to thank you very much for your help and also want to be sure that you're acknowledged.  Please forward this to your "higher ups" or if more helpful, let me know who I should address a note to.
I am a very, very satisfied Tape-Ease customer and you should feel free to use me as a reference !!!!
  Ted Troscianecki
Reston, Virginia 20191

We had to let you know how pleased we are with our cherry cabinet doors and other materials you set us.  Every piece is top quality and arrived exactly as ordered. 
Ralph is a retired custom builder with an excellent reputation and has always been known for his quality work.  He is very appreciative of excellent craftsmanship and couldn't have been happier with your materials.  He just completed our kitchen job and I now have my dream kitchen.  Thanks from both of us for being such a good company to do business with.
Barbara and Ralph Miller
Penfield, NY

Click to enlarge

I just finished installing our new cabinet doors for our master bath.
I ordered them from Tape-Ease and they did an excellent job.
Here is a photo of the result, excuse the mess. I was in such
a hurry to put the new ones in I forgot to take pictures of the old
garbage (Canac).
These are solid cherry. Makes the master bath look MUCH nicer.
That was a funny story.
ps to Dave - Excellent job, look forward to ordering some more fronts.
I'm building more cabinets right now.

I finally completed installation of last of my cabinet doors this past weekend. Four coats of water-based polyurethane on the exposed side and three on the backs. Everything fit perfectly. You did an outstanding job getting the correct face frame mounts for the Blum 170 degree hinges on the lazy susan doors. Both doors open separately and work fantastic. No slop or banging into other doors or appliances.
I ended up making my own drawer boxes as I had a bunch of 3/4" oak tongue & groove that was stained dark.  I removed it from the walls, replaced with drywall and planed down the oak to 5/8" and made drawer boxes. Had I not already owned the lumber you would have got that order, too. There was the most beautiful oak under that ugly stain. 
I don't know exactly how I stumbled onto your firm on the internet but I was very lucky I did. When the Corian installers came and put in the counter top they asked where the cabinets came from. My wife said my husband made them. He said usually it is painfully obvious when a homeowner does something. In this case he thought I made cabinets for a living. Quite a compliment for someone who never made a cabinet before in his life. Your doors were perfect companions to my cabinet boxes and we are totally satisfied. I added low voltage cove track lighting above the cabinets and the same for undercounter lighting. It is quite stunning.
Best wishes on your continued success. Tapeease is marked is as one of my "favorites" in the Internet Explorer and should I ever be in the market again for any wood product I am not equipped to make myself you will get a call. 
Paul Hartz  

I just wanted to write and let you know how satisfied I am with your
products and service.  After getting outlandish estimates for cabinet
refacing from local contractors, I decided to order the doors and drawer
fronts and do it myself.  I refaced the cabinets with 1/4" birch and then
ordered unfinished birch doors and drawer fronts from you.  I am sending
you before and after pictures to show you the transformation.  Everyone
who sees the new cabinets can't believe you can order such quality at such an affordable price.

Thanks for all your help.
Cathy Perrin

Click to enlarge.


I just thought I would drop you an e-mail and tell you our doors did arrive. We are very happy with them. The quality, craftsmanship, and finish are really nice. I will definitely use you guys again if I have an opportunity and will recommend tape-ease to anyone who is interested. Thanks for the job well done.

Best Regards
Fred Glanc


I appreciate all the that Tape-Ease has provide with
my kitchen remodeling project.  I'm very impressed
with the quality of the finished product and the ease
of working with you.

We refaced all the cabinets, bought all new dovetail
drawer boxes, wainscotting and veneer at the same
price a cabinet company wanted just for installation
of new cabinets.  I saved a lot of money and headaches
refacing versus new cabinets and used the savings to
buy high end appliances.  

The overwhelming response of peoples reaction when
they see my kitchen is "Wow".  What else can you ask
John Coukos

Click to enlarge

I bought a sheet of Honduras Mahogany from you about a year ago. I used it
to build a pair of stereo speakers. I created a web site to document the
project, and it has a veneering section that mentions how pleased I am with
the veneer and your service.

If you'd care to link to my site (or to one of my photos), please feel free.

Ron Stewart

Click to enlarge.

  I'll be ordering some more doors and drawers soon but thought you might like a couple of pix to see the change.
Thanks Again and when this project is complete, I'll write a testimonial and get some better pictures.
Alan Rookus

     The refacing of our cabinets turned out beautifully.  The materials which you sent for the job were just perfect.  The workmanship on the doors and drawer-fronts was perfect.  Nobody who has seen the cabinets believes they are the same ones.  The man who did the new counter tops for us said he had never seen such a nice result and he went to great lengths to match the oak on the counters to your doors and to match his finishing work to mine.
         Thanks for your help and all of your beautiful work and nice material. 

                              R. McNamara


I wanted to send you some before and after pictures of my kitchen and let you know how happy I am with the results.  Your  website is very user friendly and it was nice to have such a large selection of wood, styles,  and colors.  I got the exact custom look I wanted for a fraction of the price and all 50+ cabinet doors and drawer fronts arrived in perfect condition. Kudos to your packaging people!! I will definitely use you again and highly recommend your company to friends and acquaintances. You make DIY look professional! Thank you again for all your help and patience.
Julie Cox Gross

Click to enlarge.

Dave,  I have been wanting to write to you sooner about how pleased we are
with the doors we ordered and your service and craftsmanship.  We installed
the doors in November 2002 and of course they fit perfectly.  We had an odd
sized vanity that was built in 1959 and would have required a complete
custom made cabinet to replace the entire unit.   With your doors and
glue-on veneer we transformed the vanity from a painted box to a beautiful
oak cabinet.    The hinges you provided have held up very well also and the
only reason I mention this is after we finished the project two adult
daughters with two grandsons moved back in with us and they use that
bathroom every morning and night and full time on weekends (almost).  So I
appreciate your work and they stained and finished very well too.

Tom Harwood
Redondo Beach CA

First of all I would like to thank you for your assistance throughout the process!  I feel compelled to write and say that when we opened the boxes to our new doors, we were absolutely delighted with the result!  The doors are perfect in every way.  We could not be any more satisfied.  Tapeease, obviously takes great pride in what you deliver to your customers!  I would highly recommend you to anyone!  Thank you for making this so easy.
Chris and Kendra Maluchnik

I promised to send pictures of my refinished  cabinets. Well, better late than never. The new doors look beautiful and the prefinished veneer  turned out great.  Every one who sees our kitchen thinks we bought new cabinets.  The original cabinets were over 20 years old and finished with formica.  We are very happy with the finished product and recommend your company to anyone who asks. Thanks again, and feel free to use these pictures any way you wish.

Bob Brusselback

Click to enlarge

Thanks again for all your help. Without, our phone conversations and the samples you provided, I would not have been able to complete the redesign of my kitchen.
As you can see, Tapeease (custom doors, drawer fronts, wood laminate and metal tambour) is a substantial part of the design change.  Everything about our dealings and the products tapeease provided was excellent. Thanks again Dave.

Bill Gehbauer


Click to enlarge.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the doors and they look great.
I will also add that I have never purchased any wood product (trim,
cabinets, etc) that had been sanded so nicely.  The wood feels like glass!

Thanks again.

Bob Kapolnek

Tape Ease:
At the end of last year, I ordered 30 or so maple cabinet doors from you.  I meant to write back much sooner to tell you how pleased I was with their quality, but better late than never, I hope.  In any case, let me say it now; I was tremendously impressed with the quality of product from tapeease; every part of my order was shipped exactly as requested, and the
doors were precisely the sizes agreed upon, to within a whisper.  No warping, nothing.  Perfect.

At the time, I had been concerned that the panel grain would not be fine and uniform enough for my client, and asked if you could make them with quarter-sawn panels.  You assured me that you could supply a similar look, and sure enough, the doors had a very clean, high-end look that was just what we were hoping for.  I sourced some maple from a local supplier, and
built the cabinets in the attached photo on site, but it was your doors which really make the project shine.

I wanted to send you a series of photos, but my e-mail can only handle one at a time.  If you would like more shots of this kitchen, I would be happy to supply them, and please feel free to post them on your site if you are so inclined.

Many Thanks,
Shawn Bradbury Berkeley, CA  
                   Click to enlarge.


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in picking out my veneer. The veneer arrived in perfect condition and the quality of the
veneer was great. From now on, Tape-Ease will be the only place I purchase my veneer. I have finally completed my set of speakers and I thought I would send you a picture of them. I'm pleased with the way they turned out.

Click below to take a look at my web site:

Take care,

Randy Felton


Click to enlarge

Liz Silver.gif (127671 bytes) 
Click to enlarge.

Dear Dave,
It seems like months rather than weeks since I received the kitchen cabinet doors from TAPE-EASE. I was rather uneasy dealing with a web-site company, but the doors are beautifully crafted. And of course your patience with me was un-waveringly professional.

 Thank You!
Liz Silver
Cape Coral, FL

I forgot to send you photos of the tower speakers I built for Danny Richie,
owner of GR Research.  I used the Padauk veneer that I bought from you.
They are his Alpha LS model and are on his web site:

Here's my website:   
On page two you'll see the Alpha's and a pair of AV3's that are 
veneered in your oak.

Hank Frankenberg

Image1.gif (65866 bytes)
Click to enlarge.

I have figured out how to handle my pantry doors.  I will need to order the following:
""   ""  ""
Please send me a quote so I have an idea of the cost.
By the way, the cabinets came out great!  My husband can't believe I did it myself.
Lucy Huber
     I received my drawer fronts. Everything looks great. I would definitely recommend the quality and workmanship of the doors and drawer fronts and your company. Thanks for your assistance.
Carol Hunt

Dave at Tape-Ease,

I promised to send you a photo of the finished kitchen and here it is.  Since it is a small kitchen it is very difficult to get a good single shot.   This is the best I can do.

Everybody loves it.  You guys do nice work.
          !cid_X.jpg (52551 bytes) Click to enlarge.

Gene Dziekan


I recently scanned some pictures of my completed set
of speakers.  You can see the pics at:

Thanks again for all your help.

Doug Eck                                                           off_all.jpg (40314 bytes) Click To Enlarge
Dear Tape-Ease,
    Here is a photo of some of the drums that I make with the plywood cylinders that I buy from you guys.  Thought you may like to see them.  Also, a link to my web page:
Thanks!  Rob

group.jpg (88238 bytes)  Click to enlarge


Thanks again for the attention to detail and the high quality cabinet refacing
products and for your help.  Please prepare to
place this order.  These are final sizes. The last order looked great!
Kimble S Garrett
Elk River

Dear Tapeease,

We wanted to send you a picture of how the kitchen turned out with the doors we purchased from you and how the cabinets were painted.
We’re really thrilled with the finished kitchen.

Ron & Pricilla Scovell

 Click to enlarge    Scoval.jpg (147049 bytes)


I bought a sheet of Santos Rosewood NBL from you back in October.
I was really pleased with it. I've been sending business your way
when I can. Thought you might want to see the results...
See Lou's web-site for some great ideas on speaker building:

Thanks again,
Lou Coraggio

wpe3.jpg (11044 bytes) Click to enlarge.

Dear Tape-Ease,
We are very please we found your company on the web. Our company has saved $100's since we started using your edgebanding and veneer products. Thats great, but even better is the quality of your products that makes our job easier.
Thank You.
T. Hampton, St. Louis MO

Dear Dave,
Your cabinet doors and veneering supplies got us through our job quickly, with the doors already finished, we refaced the cabinet boxes,  hung the doors and it looks GREAT!!!  
It looks like a new set of cabinets.
Thank You Dave for your help and we will highly recommend your company.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schwartz

Dear Tape-Ease,
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and information in the purchase and installation of the veneer that we used in our kitchen. It made a huge difference to have your helpful advice over the phone.

Also, thanks for the great product. It’s amazing how good it looks. People who have seen our kitchen don’t even realize that it’s veneer (that ended up saving us thousands of dollars and making our new kitchen possible).

Leah Anton                                            Click to Enlarge

testim2.jpg (39354 bytes)    testim3.jpg (35612 bytes)

: David,

Everything about my order for custom kitchen replacement doors (20 doors & 10 drawers) was excellent (timeliness, condition of shipment, measurement, and quality).  

Thanks again for making my kitchen beautiful and a terrific price.

Thanks !!

Bill Gehbauer  

Jim Rollins                                                                                        Apr 3, 2001
Shalimar, FL  32579
TO: Tape-Ease

Enclosed are the pictures you requested. The re-facing turned out better than I anticipated. However the pictures leave a lot to be desired…no, the cabinets are not two-tone. That was caused by a reflection.

The re-facing part was easy and the laminate cutter really saved a lot of time. I stained the the 2x8 iron-on sheets before cutting into strips. I was also careful to scrub the old surface with lacquer thinner before re-facing. The iron-on stuck very well with the iron set on “cotton” but I moved slowly. I also used a rubber roller immediately behind the iron. I was lucky that the old surface was largely in good shape and only had two small delaminating (repaired).

The 10 mil laminate was applied with contact cement to the cabinet end-panels and other large areas. The thickness matched the iron-on perfectly. I used the gel type contact cement because the bare wood absorbs the thinner type. I was surprised this went well but I admit I did some dry runs in the tight spots. Working under the bar section was a real challenge but I got three pieces to mate exactly the first time. This was my first time using contact cement and I found it was easy but tricky. One technique that helped was  using scrap laminate as a safety shield between the two layers and sliding it out as I rolled it down. Zero disasters!

Trimming of laminate was done primarily with a small cheap razor knife like you use for wall paper trimming but I changed blades frequently to prevent shredding of the wood.

Early American stain was rubbed onto the bare laminate wood before cutting. The finish coat was two coats of polyurethane with light sanding between coats. Except for the doors, varnishing was done in-place. If I was doing it over, I would either use a satin clear coat vs semi-gloss or just sand, steel wool and wax a single coat. 

To get the doors straight, I saved and marked all the old doors and even made a drawing of every cabinet. My fear was that I would drill holes in the wrong spot or put hinges on the wrong side. At work, I found more than one horror story about this! After varnishing the doors, I used the old doors as a drill pattern for the new doors. The old hardware was used but cleaned up. Hardware was mounted before replacing doors. Everything went back exactly as it came out according to the keyed drawing. To mount the doors, I clamped a 2 inch strip of wood across the bottom of the cabinet rail and rested the doors on it. I knew the spacing from my drawing and all doors overlapped the cabinet ˝ inch. At first, I used ˝ inch masking tape as a guide but soon found it unnecessary. Then I carefully spaced the doors and drilled the hinge holes while holding the doors in place. Got one crooked door but remounting was easy.

The only thing I should have had was a good solid table for cutting the large sheets of laminate. I had to do that on the floor with a razor and ruler…very tough on the knees and back.

Stats: 24 unfinished 318 style doors, white birch (panel:SR-20;edge:E-109), 10 matching drawer fronts; 6 sheets white birch iron-on (used 3.5); 2 sheets 10 mil 4x8 sheets (used 1.5); one special order valence, white birch, unfinished. Project cost: $1540.00 (including$$99 slitter cutter and $15 edge cutter plus approximately $100 shipping (Florida) and $40 stain, varnish, brushes, etc. Time: weekends and some afternoons, approximately 3 weeks.

You can use what you want of this on your website. I already have some neighbors eyeing your product…maybe I could become a consultant!
Jim Rollins
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> I wanted to thank you for our new kitchen doors.  We've now painted and
> installed them along with a new counter-top: they make a huge difference to
> our kitchen.  Thank you for the doors, the drawer fronts and wonderful
> customer service!
> Actually a number of our friends have admired our new doors and asked where
> we got them .... we've given them with your company's information.  
>  Edwards CO 81632
> >

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